Tips For Keeping Your Wheelie Bin Clean

Everyone knows that cleaning wheelie bins is a task that nobody enjoys. No one would choose to do this, and you would not be the first to question the objective. Still, it's something that must be done. The moment you put food in your wheelie bin, it starts to decay and spread germs. Sunlight and warm temperatures in Perth promote the spoiling of food.

In this post, you'll learn what methods are available for cleaning your wheeled garbage bin and how to do it correctly. The top approaches include the following:

Apply a Hose

Among the several options for washing out a wheeled garbage bin, this one is likely to be among the most common. It would be best if you tipped the container on its side to gain access to its contents. Rinse the container using the hose. For maximum effectiveness, you'll want to maximize its power. It's a great option, and it's a breeze if you have a pressure washer. All the dirt and sticky remnants in the trash can must be blasted away. Be cautious about wearing gloves when cleaning, especially if there are large pieces to pick up. When cleaning up the mess, it's best to wear rubber gloves.

Yet, you still have work to do. It is still necessary to disinfect the trash can using an antibacterial spray. Mixing bleach with water increases its potency. You may also use any other brand of disinfectant spray or a custom bleach solution. Put some cleaning solutions into the bottom of the container, then use your hose or pressure washer to flush it out. Let the hose or power washer run for a few minutes for the best results before you rinse. When doing the last rinse, make sure to work your way up. The trash can may then be emptied and allowed to air dry.

Get Rid of Maggots

Flies will congregate around any stagnant, smelly, or otherwise unsanitary area. During warm months, maggots are sure to appear wherever flies have landed. You may take measures to wipe them out before they can spread. Follow these steps to get rid of these unwanted visitors:

  • Clean the exterior of the bin thoroughly by spraying it down with bleach. If you want, you can use any spray that kills germs instead.
  • Continue the same procedure inside and around the top of the trash bin.
  • You need to give it some time to dry.
  • When you spot maggots in the trash, splash practically boiling water on them. They will perish in a flash if they go into the water.
  • When finished, use the hose to disinfect the bin as instructed above.
  • In place of dish soap, bleach should be used whenever feasible. Using this procedure, you may eliminate the unseen eggs that remain.

However, bleach will dull the color of your trash bin, so you shouldn't use it if it's brightly colored. On the other hand, cleanliness is always recommended.


One of the best things to do when throwing away food is to cover everything in the wheelie bin. Flies won't be able to lay their eggs on them if you do this. You may also use pro sprays and sheets to repel them. However, use caution when spraying in a kitchen or anywhere food is present. Putting up flying screens in your windows and doors is another smart move you can make.

Here are some additional suggestions for keeping the wheelie bins clean:

  • Clean the trash first before adding food packing to it. Yes, it will need more work from you, but it will be worthwhile.
  • Before disposing of the packaging in the trash, be sure it doesn't contain any biological materials, such as blood. If so, rinse it as described above.
  • If you must dispose of any food leftovers, including meat, in the garbage, put them all inside a biodegradable bag. Another option is to wrap them with newspaper tightly. Use any object for this phase, including chicken bones, cat litter, and animal waste.
  • Tightly knot the top of the trash bag before placing it in the trash. It will aid in preventing anything from entering the bag and exiting.
  • If it's hot outside, empty your indoor trash can more frequently than usual. Keep your outside wheelie bin cool under a tree for shade.
  • Verify that the wheelie bin's lid is securely fastened. Close it immediately after dumping rubbish inside. It is a simple action that can help prevent flies from getting in the trash, which, if they do, will allow them to reproduce more quickly. Furthermore, it will prevent the odor from leaving the trunk.
  • Be careful not to overfill the trash bin. If you fill the bin with more than it can hold, you might not be able to seal it tightly. Look for strategies to recycle if your home produces a lot of garbage. Composting is a fantastic alternative. You can hire a skip bin if none of these solutions are practical. It has ample room, and disposal is never an issue. This one is the most excellent choice for any renovation job or house clean-up.

Keep in mind that calling us for your wheelie bin cleaning Perth is the simplest solution to all these issues. So, what are you waiting for? Call 0418-955-949 to get our garbage bin cleaning service in Perth, WA.

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