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Tired of dirty and smelly wheelie bins?

Sim's Wheelie Washing professionally cleans and disinfects all types and sizes of plastic garbage bins, offering you great value for little money.

Our core market is households and commercial clients in the Northern, Eastern and Western suburbs of Perth.

Our high-pressure cleaner is imported from the UK and features the latest technology in water filtering and recycling.

We bring our own water and leave you with clean and disinfected bins.

We demonstrate our regard for the environment by using locally sourced biodegradable cleaning products.

Contact us for additional information and a free quote.

Why Choose Us
  • Great value for money.
  • Flexible cleaning options.
  • Gone with dirt, odours, maggots and cobwebs.
  • No elbow grease and head-first scrubbing.
  • You are never locked-in to anything.
  • Eco-friendly operation.
  • Local operator.
  • Established in 2014.