Commercial Bin Cleaning Services

Sim's Wheelie Washing provides a low-cost, professional bin cleaning service in Perth’s Northern and Western suburbs for schools, nurseries, offices, apartment blocks, clinics, hospitals, restaurants, markets, sporting ovals, shopping centers, local governments etc.

Regular bin cleaning eliminates foul smells, and helps to establish your enterprise as a clean and pleasant place to work.

We adjust to your needs by cleaning your bins on a fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly basis. We can also provide a one-off clean.

Our flexibility extends to payment as well, offering you the following options:

  • Cheque (by mail)
  • Bank transfer
  • Advance payment

Contact us for additional information and a free quote.

Why Choose Us
  • Eco-friendly operation
  • Local operator
  • Gone with 99.9% of bacteria, odours, maggots and cobwebs
  • Flexible cleaning options
  • Great value for money
  • You’ll avoid elbow grease and head-first scrubbing