How Wheelie Bins Get So Dirty

Every one of us makes use of wheelie bins for throwing wastes; however, due to the busy lifestyle, we forget to keep it clean. You might be thinking that cleaning bin is not that important; however, the fact is that dirty wheelie bins can result in severe health issues. By keeping it dirty, you are inviting rodents and pests to breed around and inside the bin. At times, the bin needs a more thorough cleaning to keep pests away. Below given are some ways that show how wheelie bins get dirty. Have a look at these!

Contents of the Bin

At times, when a person throws waste in a bin, then it can become the reason for health issues. One should throw spoiled foods away from the home since it starts to rot much quickly. You can make use of red and blue bins; to throw wet and dry waste separately to keep the things inside the bin clean and to avoid stink from the bin.


Leaks in bin bags can turn into sticky mess. So, it's better to drain all the liquid from the container before throwing the rubbish in the bin. Always tie the bin bag tight and keep the bag in the bin since it will prevent the bin from getting dirty very frequently. Also, there are different kinds of bin bags which are durable and much easy to close so you can buy such kind of bags. In addition to this, don't overfill your bin bag since it will become difficult to tie or it may get torn. This, as a result, can make the bins dirty and also cause more breeding place for pests.


Wheelie bin during hot summer months are the best environment for pests. These pests, no doubt, are quite difficult to eradicate and can be a reason for other issues like spoiled food and leaks. Even, flies can leave a horrible surprise at the bottom of the bin, i.e., maggots. They can make your bin appear dirty, and also they create more flies. Dealing with them, as early as possible can prevent the issue completely.

Below Given are Some Tips to Kill Maggots from the Wheelie Bin:

  • Empty the bin properly every day.
  • Pour hot water on the maggots since it will kill them and also make the surface of the bin clean
  • Clean the bin by making use of vinegar solution as it will prevent maggots.


Many times you might feel that the bin is completely clean; however, you may experience unpleasant smell. Throwing the rubbish on the bin can be the reason for such smell, and to get rid of the stink, it's vital to clean it on a regular basis. Regular maintenance is required as it can eradicate the smell; however, on the off chance if you notice that unpleasant smell is still there after cleaning the bin, then it requires deep cleaning from inside and outside both.

What are the Tips for Cleaning Wheelie Bin?

  • If your bag gets leaked or food gets spoil inside the bin, then use warm water and detergent to scrub. You can also make use of vinegar in place of detergent.
  • Make use of heavy duty bags since you can avoid leaks by using them. If you dispose of a considerable amount of waste daily, then it's better to make use of commercial bins.
  • Rinse the bin every day to prevent the accumulation of grime and to keep unpleasant odor away.
  • Ensure you empty the bin regularly since an empty wheelie bin is quite simple to clean.

Wrap Up

Nowadays, due to busy routines, people won’t have time to clean wheelie bins on own. In such cases, one can hire the services of wheelie bin cleaning professionals since they are skilled enough to clean the bin in an effective way. It’s their day to day errand and they know how to remove odor from it completely. What’s more important is to choose the best company for household bin cleaning as it’s a matter of cleanliness and you can’t take it lightly. It might cost you more; however, you can save enough money and time in the long run by hiring professionals to do the cleaning for you.

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