Reasons To Hire Sims Wheelie Washing For Garbage Bin Cleaning Services

While some homeowners use garden hoses and bleach to clean their outdoor trash bin, it may make more sense to consider hiring a professional bin cleaning service in Perth.

Here at Sims Wheelie Washing, we are one of the leading professional garbage bin cleaning service providers in Westminster offering effective and affordable cleaning and sanitizing of outdoor trash bins. To help homeowners have a clear understanding, in this blog, we share reasons to hire Sims Wheelie Washing for garbage bin cleaning services And, you’re right…you do have bleach and a garden hose.

Environmentally Friendly

The do-it-yourself solution involves a garden hose and bleach to get rid of all the gunk and junk but where does it go? Although it is possible to pick up the trash that now sits in your driveway or yard after cleaning. But the liquid waste containing chemical cleaner ends up being washed down the storm drain, and back into your waterways. Since stormwater is not treated as it flows into the rivers and streams in which people do recreational activities such as swimming, boating, fishing, and playing.

Here at Sims Wheelie Washing, we use special equipment that offers super-heated and high-pressure wash to sanitize your garbage bin without including harmful chemicals such as bleach and catch the dirty wastewater in a bay on our truck. Our cleaners then dispose of the wastewater in an environmentally safe manner.

Save Water

While the standard garden hose releases an average of 17 gallons every minute, it also takes more time to clean a garbage bin when you consider the do-it-yourself solution. Some homeowners may manage to do the cleaning in an average of five minutes, but that is 85 gallons of dirty water flowing into their storm drain and they have just paid for.

Here at Sims Wheelie Washing, our patented process uses less than eight gallons of water every minute, and our professional cleaners can typically conduct the bin cleaning using less than 10 gallons overall.

Save Time

Since doing it yourself bin cleaning process takes an average of five minutes or even longer, that is time for only cleaning, you will also require time to gather the supplies, change into clothes you can get wet in, and drag the hose around. It only takes less than a minute to sanitize the inside of your garbage bin when you hire our bin cleaning services. From the time our cleaners arrive until the time they pull away from the curb, it may be a total of five minutes.

The Final Word

If you are looking for garbage bin cleaning services in Westminster such as cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing, your search end here. Sims Wheelie Washing has experienced and professional cleaners that use the latest equipment to clean all types of thrush bins. While our services are affordable, we also help homeowners save on the cost of water, cleaning supplies, and time. Call us at 0418 955 949 or send an email at for a quote.

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