A Look At Top The Reasons Sim's Wheelie Washing Should Handle Garbage Bin Cleaning

While many homeowners consider using a garden hose and bleach to clean garbage bins, it can be a decent idea to consider hiring a reputable garbage bin cleaning company to professionally clean and sanitize the outdoor garbage bin. This is what at Sim's Wheelie Washing we are ready to offer residents of Perth with high standard garbage bin cleaning services. We have trained and skilled cleaners that can handle all cleaning services. To understand why you should work with us, in this blog, we take a look at the top reasons Sim's Wheelie Washing should handle garbage bin cleaning services.

Conserve water

One of the main reasons Sim's Wheelie Washing should handle garbage bin cleaning services is that it helps you conserve water, this is because on average the standard hose puts out 17 gallons every minute. While the DIY process can take about five minutes to complete the cleaning process, that’s 85 gallons of water you just paid for flowing into your storm drain. This is why you should consider working with us as our cleaning service uses about eight gallons of water per minute and we also come to your house with our own water.

Save Time

While the DIY garbage bin cleaning process may take up to five minutes or longer, it also requires some extra time to gather supplies, change into cleaning gear, and drag the hose around. The reason why Sim's Wheelie Washing should handle the garbage bin cleaning process is that we help you save time and have the latest equipment that can take about a minute to sanitize the inside of your bin and wash it very well. We are skilled and experienced in effectively cleaning under five minutes and we also offer quick maintenance cleans.


Avoid keeping all the gunk and junk in your driveway or yard after the DIY garbage bin cleaning process and also dirty water or chemical cleaner to flow down the storm drain as it will come back into your waterways. This affects the environment as stormwater flows directly into the rivers and streams in which people swim, boat, fish, or play. This is why you should work with Sim's Wheelie Washing as we use eco-friendly equipment such as superheated and high-pressure wash to sanitize garbage bins and we do not use chemicals such as bleach and get hold of the dirty wastewater in a bay on the truck. Also, we dispose of the dirty wastewater in an environmentally safe manner.

Summing Up

The aforementioned are some of the reasons Sim's Wheelie Washing should handle your garbage bin cleaning services. Apart from being professional and experienced, our garbage bin cleaning services are affordable and reliable. If you are looking to sanitize, deodorize, and clean your outdoor garbage bins regularly, your search ends here. Sim's Wheelie Washing is skilled and experienced to handle all types of garbage bin cleaning. Call our office at +61 4 1895 5949 or email us at simswheelie@gmail.com to book your appointment.

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